Information for members of frequent flyer program SpanairStar

On cessation of business by the company including its flight operations, the points programme of Spanair was also cancelled.

Our Gold and Silver members have received a proposal for an exclusive Star Alliance promotion. In recognition of your loyalty you can transfer your Gold or Sliver level membership to Star Alliance airlines participating in this offer. However it is not possible to migrate accumulated Spanair Star points into other Star Alliance airline programmes. This promotion has expired.

Here are some frequently asked questions from our members:

What happens to my points? Are they lost?

Yes. As the company has ceased its operations it is not longer possible to redeem points.

Can I claim compensation?

The program allowed only the redemption of points for partial or full discounts on tickets. As the programme is now cancelled there is no compensation or damages.

If I have bought tickets with points, what can I do?

In a situation when the ticket was not used the points would have been retained, however because the programme has been cancelled the points are now lost.

What if I am Gold or Silver cardholder and I have not received the promotion to transfer my membership to another Star Alliance program?

All customers who were identified in our database as Gold or Silver members as of the 17th of January 2012, should have been sent the communication to their email address. If not, please contact our customer service team.